Poster Design for a Benefit Fundraiser.

/ Jul 30, 2013 /
I was asked recently by a co-worker if I would design a few pieces of collateral for a friend of hers that was going through some rough times with a rare and misunderstood medical condition.
I obliged and read up on this woman, Jackie Austin, and was heart-wrenched.
I looked around to people giggling about the color of post-it notes and stressing out about our shitty office printer not working, and thought to myself, "Someone is worried about staying alive."
Jackie's story is gut-wrenching. With her bright, inviting smile, you can't help but wonder what dam is about to burst behind those kind eyes.
I am glad that I was able to offer my services to this lovely woman that I've never met. Please read her story, and if you feel compelled...donate.
Here is her story, you can donate on that page.


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