I'm learning how to sew!

/ Jul 30, 2013 /
One time, in Home Ec., I made a pair of shorts. It was junior year in high school  in Mrs. Quant's class. I was so proud of them. They were elastic waist and made of this glittery black constellation fabric (to make my buns outta this world.) I coveted those stupid shorts for a long time, until the hems unraveled and my buns literally grew too big for that galaxy.
I've been daydreaming for a while about learning to sew. Small projects around the house taunted me and I felt stupid buying accent pillows for $40 a piece! They're just stinkin' accents!
Thanks to a few lovely ladies here in Asheville, I got a swift kick in my pleats and a small fire ignited under my derriere to want to learn how to sew. So I'm teaching myself!
Here's my very first finished sewing project!

Also, my favorite painting I own by the super gorgeous and hilarious Shannon Reed.
(See her here! Here here here!)

My goal is to work with lots of heavy canvas duck, and make lots of people lots of gifts. Onward!



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