When life hands you lemons...

/ Mar 20, 2014 /
As Kate Spade would say, "Make Lemoncello!" 

It has been a gloomy winter.
I am guilty of being what you would call "moody." 
Hope is in the air, though! Recently there have been small teases of what may come with spring; short spells of warm sun, fat whistle pig bellies in the grassy field by my work, cravings for lemonade, and the appearance of bright cheerful colors in my otherwise bleak wardrobe.

I have been bombarded with tight deadlines, technical issues and a reemergence of flabby thighs, so I have been trying to "treat myself" once a week to keep things on the sunny side! Last night I got easter-colored pedicures with a coworker and purchased a neon coral top. I was so inspired by the beautiful milky purple color I chose for my toes that I wanted to do something fun with my nails. 

Kate Spade is always an inspiration to me, and her March campaign of Lemon covered goodies were my go-to for my uplifting Spring Time manicure!

Download the wallpaper from KateSpade.com!



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