Feel Good Story of the Day

/ Apr 13, 2012 /

This is Caine. He's a happy kid. He spends his weekends with his father in his used auto parts store in East LA. To keep him busy, Caines' father supplies him with eons of cardboard boxes and tape......
This kid is amazing. What an imagination. His only customer, luckily enough was film maker
Nirvan Mullick, who asked Caines' father if he could make a short film about Caines Arcade.
"Well, actually, it's kind of like a joke around here because you are his only customer," he says in the film.
Mullick changes all of that...
This is such a heart-warming story about a nine year old taking a leap of faith and spending an unusually large amount of time focusing his energy on a single project he believed in with no encouragement.
Keep the tissues handy!

Caine's Arcade from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.


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