/ Mar 21, 2012 /

I love Kewpies. My mom used to collect them FOR me when I was younger, and I remember getting a normal doll sized one when I was about 11, that when you pulled on the hair it said "ow" and I thought It was the creepiest/weirdest thing ever.
For the past 6 years I've been collecting them though, and the recent re-popularity of them in tattoos is pretty neat. Still have yet to get a REAL Rosie O'neal Kewpie though. I've had a choice few in my hands but they've either had huge hairline cracks through the legs or a wing has been completely broken off. Wah wah. Either way, my friend Shannon is getting one like the one below with the Kewpie napping in the rose, and I happened to stumble on this painting, and now I'm super jealous because this is ridiculous amounts of cute!


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