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/ Sep 23, 2011 /

Since my move to Asheville, I have been painting nearly every day. Starting out small again is sort of rough, but I am SO honored to have even the wonderful coffee shops around here asking me to grace their walls with my artwork. Right now, I have a bunch of artwork, shrinky dink brooches, and small prints available at Tod's Tasties off Montford St. They have amazing baristas and funny cooks, and you never know what kind of music you'll be walking into! Yesterday I went to go pick up money from print sales and they were playing RUN DMC.
There food is amazing. Get the corn dog! With a side salad! So good.

I may may may be putting my stuff up in the downtown Izzy's coffee den on Lexington Ave! That would be neat, since it's so close to so many wonderful shops, and they ALSO have amazing coffee.


...thanks to my unofficial manager who (in her words) "slings my shit like a drug dealer," I might have my stuff up at Bari Salon when they open! I always drive by them on Haywood Rd. and wonder when they'll open. They look so kitschy and fun, something I need to be a part of!
Thanks, Kenzie!

So, here's a new piece since Bari wants larger pieces.
I titled it Margeaux because I like that name. Eh?
It's acrylic on canvas, 11"x14"
$215, & Prints are available in any size


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