/ Jun 3, 2011 /

So, if you know me you know my obsession with Pugs. I long for one. They have SO much personality and have their moments of independence and their moments of "oh please I just want to cuddle".....just like me! Their little smooshed faces are just about the most adorable thing ever to be, and they are so quirky and fun. So yeah, I don't have a pug...YET. BUT! I got to go to Pugapalooza in Norfolk, VA with my friend Lizzle and my cousin ALLEY! People kept asking us where our dogs were, and I felt like the child molester hanging out at the kids playground.
"Ehhh...I don't have a pug?? YET??!"
Everyone was so super duper nice though!
There was a costume contest. ( I squeeled)
There was a Oldest and Youngest contest (I screeched at the little puppy and the frumpy old man pug)
There was a pug race! A curliest tail contest!
I tell you, it was heaven.

Then, I got to spend the night at a house my cousin Alley was housesitting for. THEY HAD A PUG. Named pug. *die*


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