Cure Coffeehouse Chalkboards!

/ Jun 3, 2011 /

So, I've been working as a Barista as Cure Coffeehouse in Freemason (which is an amazing other-worldy neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia) and I pretty much got the gig because the owner (who so happened to be a guy I went to HIGHSCHOOL with) liked my handwriting and wanted me to write their boards.
So, in my typical fashion, I show up and demand a job there
(just kidding, I didn't demand! But....I did get the job!)
So after a week or two they got an A-Frame chalkboard sign for outside so i can doodle on it. I don't think they realize how much artistic freedom I've given' myself. Either way, *most* of the customers like it.
MOST. heh heh.
But these are all in good fun, and I'll be sad when I move to Asheville, NC in about a month and leave them :(


Becca F. on: June 4, 2011 at 8:59 AM said...

There are people out there who complained? I think they are fantastic!

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