Home matters.

/ May 10, 2013 /
I used to be so mad that I didn't have the perfect family. I had friends whose household would have dinner together every night and they would call their dads "daddy" and their mothers would support them relentlessness on every endeavor, no matter how ass backwards or over the top it turned out.
I have always fought tooth and nail with my mother over everything.
I used to tell myself we would fight because I was so much like her. Now we fight because I have no idea who she is. Times are strange and hard and people hurt. I have given too much of my time to hurting.
Now in the time in my life where I only devote myself to rainbows and puppies and actually mouthing the words "I'm sorry!" to the people I accidentally cut off and traffic, and not grow into a furious fireball when people don't do the same back. I have a wonderful life in the mountains with the most perfect man ever, I spend my days at my dream job with people that I ADORE, and I come home to my gentleman and my sassy pug. I've got my amazing brothers and sisters, my man, and my dog.

And god damnit, life is so so so good.


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