/ Sep 10, 2012 /
My mom came down last weekend and brought me a BABY! A baby pug...
She is teeny and precious (even though my mom says she looks like a baby monkey) and makes the cutest noises EVER!
As of right now, 9/10/12, she is 14 weeks old.
She is also:
-Understanding "Sit"
-Obsessed with Bully Sticks
-A poo factory

Any of my readers that know me personally know that my brain pretty much collapsed in on itself when I saw her. She is my DREAM dog. I have pined over and openly wanted a pug of my own for EVER. I've had her name picked out for YEARS.

Oh Fig, I love you.



{ titancia } on: September 10, 2012 at 4:02 PM said...

Aww, she is too cute!! I love her head tilt.

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