New life updates!

/ Aug 13, 2011 /

SO! This always happens to me. Does this happen to anyone else? Anyone?

So, I move here to Asheville and I am *gasp* unemployed. I can't remember the last time in my life I was....unemployed. That word alone makes me feel like I have to go in desperation mode and start saving my pennies for dinner. Ok, I tend to over exagerate.

Anyways, my job situation has finally panned out! I'll be working at the coffee shop at UNCA and I'll be doing freelance and a bit of inhouse design for a local print shop!

Hooray! So if anyone was wondering if I'm doing ok,
I think I can say that I am doing pretty great.

Also, there is more coffee here than you can shake a stick at. So much of it. I am in heaven.



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