Little Peche is in my dreams!

/ Jun 13, 2011 /

I always have these thoughts in my head before bed. I always stay up late rummaging through them like I'm reorganizing the contents of the footlocker at the end of my bed. I've had a lot of organic materials and shapes on my mind and when I finally DO fall asleep, I have all sorts of things in my dreams that reflect that. In my dream last night I had this wooden necklace that was chevron shaped and it had a pattern of lace on it. Lace is an organic pattern right? I mean, it does sort of mimic what a spiders web is, right? Anyways, so I scoured etsy looking for something like it because I am interested in playing around with some painted lace patterned wood block earrings or something, and I ran into
LittlePeche is a U.K. based design-led jewelry and accessory studio that draws inspiration from nostalgia, woodland, and vintage ideas!

I these necklaces! They are so simple, and I love the childlike-ness of the stitched patterns in the wood.

I loooove the small faceted beads!


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