Borrowed Suitcase!

/ Nov 24, 2010 /

How adorbs! This is finally out! For those of you who aren't in the know, now you are! Borrowed Suitcase is a zine put out by the super amazing and wonderful Mel Stringer. I also have her Girlie Pains zines, and trust me when I say this lady can craft a zine!

Mel asked if she could use one of my illustrations to put into this little diddy and I of course said yes! I got my copy in the mail recently and I have to say, it is TOO cute and filled with really amazing illustrations from people I already adore and new faces as well!!

In this issue are these lovely people :

Audrey Malo
Devon Smith
Sarah McNeil
Vanessa Davis
Ben Constantine
Ramon Sierra
Clara Miao
Paola Gaviria
Lamar Abrams
Luke Pearson
Philip Dearest
Sam McKenzie
Tom Haubrick
Angelica Victoria
Mel Ralph
Maddy Young
Maren Karlson
Karl Kwasny
Amber Ambird Seegemiller
Kelly Walton
Caitlin Shearer
Chelsey Barnes (me!)

PS: Get your copy here !


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