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/ Aug 25, 2010 /
Happy Halloween!
I will be making numerous Halloween themed posts for the next few months, because this is my FAVORITE time of the year. Otherwise known as "Samhain", Halloween is the time of year when the atmosphere becomes thin, and is susceptible to spirits passing through that thin membrane. Some spirits such as those celebrated or family members are welcome while other evil spirits are warded off. I have been disappointed with our generations fascination with this holiday in recent years. I think their focus is completely off. This is not a holiday to wear the sluttiest spandex catsuit you can find, or spank your other female friends with your cheap hollow plastic police baton. This year, I hope everyone focus's on the MAGICAL part of Halloween. The spark was in your heart when you were young. For some of us, that fire burns brighter than it ever has. For others, the fire went out that first year the October chill nipped you when you wore that skimpy bathing suit that was a sad excuse for a wonder woman costume. Think of the smell of fresh baked PUMPKIN SEEDS (MMMM), the smell of crisp apple cider, the smell of neighborhood bonfires, that oddly self-satisfying sound of crunching leaves under your boots, a child-like fascination with decorating your home with streamers, pumpkins, and bunting, your face always feeling taut and your makeup and hair fully cooperating with the weather. Let us not forget, it IS sweater weather. I've not yet figured out exactly what I'm going to be for Halloween, but I found a really cute Sailor costume at my work. It's not slutty, its ADORABLE. I've lost enough weight I think I'd look decent in it!! Anyways, here's some music from Dead Man's Bone's to get you excited for the season...


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