Tea Towel Time!

/ Dec 7, 2009 /
I just recently moved into a new apartment, and the cleaning to be done is absolutely absurd. In my righteous scurry to baptise this new premise in the only thing I find godlike (cleanliness), I came upon the shameful habit of my excessive paper towel usage ( BLASPHEMY, I know). Coming right down to it, I need tea towels. In my search, I'm blown away by the abundance of them on etsy. Here now, I will share!

The Kitchen Commandments tea towels by ShowPony for $17 each.

Each towel is printed with simple rules for a happy and harmonious domestic life onto a lovely quality fairtrade organic cotton towel.

Towels Include:
'Keep It Clean' spelt by millions of household insects.
'Do The Dishes' spelt out in stacks of dirty plates
‘Eat Your Greens’ spelt out by all your favourite vegetables.
size 40cm x 70cm

The Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Tea Towel is just that....YUMMY! It comes in candy pink (omg) from etsy seller MrPS (who I LOVE please look at ALL of their things!!!) for a dandy as candy price of $14.00 each.

A towel for a sweet heart! These tea towels by etsy seller GirlsCanTell are totally functional, usable and awesome, they're printed by hand on flour sack towels, and each is slightly unique. I can't imagine a cuter gift, especially at only $20 each.. Instead of a bottle of wine, everyone can always use extra tea towels.


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