The Helter Skelter Dress!

/ Sep 30, 2009 /
The Infamous Charles Manson Dress

One night at a bar - of whose name I shalt not mention - I was sitting on the back patio, bored witless and slowly losing brain cell by brain cell, until I caught a dress out of the corner of my eye. I immediately jumped up and ran over to the girl wearing it ( can you imagine that she was just as gaudy as the colors of this dress>) and exclaimed to her that there were faces in her dress! I couldn't quite put my finger on who or what it was...until **GASP** holy shit! It's Charles Manson! I nearly lost my marbles in excitement (seriously, I had a few in my pocket that I had found in a gutter) and I grabbed the bottom of her dress and confirmed my exclamation! I was yelping about it to anyone willing to hear what I had to say, "This girl has a Helter Skelter dress!" Holy crap! She then proceeded to tell me that she bout it for 3 dollars at T.J. Maxx. I then proceeded to explain exactly why her dress was 3 dollars.

Hooray for random faces (albeit Charles Manson!)


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